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Re: Protected or Free?

Please take this with a grain of salt as I may not be 100% correct, but as I see it, unless he is released by his current NAHL team, he cannot play for another NAHL club. I'm not sure if him being dropped off the team's 25-man protected list plays a role since they drafted him, but based on experience with other junior leagues, both teams would have to agree on the "transfer" of the player.

If he's still in touch with the coach, I don't see the harm in asking if he could play for another team, but that's just my opinion.

Re: Protected or Free?

Have the NAHL coach that wants him contact his current coach.

Agree to release and transfer or a trade.

Re: Protected or Free?

He has to be released to play elsewhere in the NAHL. Just went through this, almost identical, except all parties agreed to release. New NAHL team would not even let him practice without a release. Agreed with poster about asking new NAHL coach to contact old team, or player could ask head coach / GM to kindly release him.

Re: Protected or Free?

If he is not on USA Protected list (or Defected list for a player that didn't report which didn't sound like the case) he is a free agent and free to sign with anyone!