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eligibility vs reality

My kid late bloomer and playing first year of t3 junior and eligible one year left. Coach said doing very well and if keeps improving this season told him to try NAHL combine at end of season.
Question is would they really consider a player who is last year assuming he is good enough? I know a big assumption but what if he is good enough. Or is it an unwritten rule they wont consider outside kid for just last year? Any actual knowledge (not opinions) welcome since this all new to us. Don't comment on combines good/bad please, just on the final year question.

Re: eligibility vs reality


Re: eligibility vs reality

If he is good enough nobody will care how old he is. But he needs to separate himself. Needs to contact NA coaches to see if he can come and practice and get on their radar. It is a long shot. But play well, keep in touch with coaches, produce and opportunities will open.

Re: eligibility vs reality

I know a couple 01s who are logging big minutes this year in the NAHL after playing t3 in Canada. Only thing is that they had specific NAHL teams interested in them by December of last year, they didn't just go the the combine with high hopes.

Re: eligibility vs reality

Yeah, I wouldn't send him to the combine as that trends younger. I definitely wouldn't waste my time camp jumping pre-draft camps. If he gets a main camp invite I'd consider attending one or two of those, targeted based on the coach's interest level. He should be all in preparing to play his final season of T3 juniors for his current team (assuming he likes his team, coaches, and situation) and making D3 contacts as that is most likely the path he's on. Nothing wrong with that, BTW.