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Re: Too soon

Actually, those that are playing college hockey at age 24-25 wasted a lot of time.
Preaching to the choir.. that’s just how it is and nobody will ever fix it.

Re: Too soon

Maybe they just aren’t as good as they were as a pee wee? Coming to terms with this is hard.

Re: Too soon

I most of the younger freshman are in the class of getting everything handed to them because of their hockey ties (last name/NTDP), some have to earn thier minutes - nothing wrong with that. Tough to do against 23-25 year old upper classmen but some might be better for it. Even some of the brand name kids are seeing their minutes take a downward trend.

I don't see what the rush is other than they were given the opportunity by the school so they took it.

Honestly, my kid hates it out in the USHL. Didn't sign his NLI and is very much considering D3 over spending another year out there to potentially get decommitted anyway.

Whatever your path, as long as it provides is worth it.