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Junior & College Hockey
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The hockey varies, some can hang with better D-3 while others would be competitive with a good Club team.

The education is fine if the kid's if plan is to stay in New England the rest of his life. Career wise, yes there are little local alumni networks depending on what the kid wants to study (Business maybe, education who cares) so it might have some value. Nationally no one cares if you went to Bowdoin, Colby or Bates as most would say "What's that?"

If the kid has an interest in college life, a wide range of majors, a little diversity, living in a city, getting out of New England, being part of a recognizable school with a huge alumni network, playing in front of fans then I'd say look into a higher-end Club team that checks all the boxes.
oh yeah, this is the guy who thinks club hockey at some southern university is big time hockey becasue they are playing in front of drunk students
Oh yeah, this is the guy who thinks D-3 hockey at some little college tucked up in the north woods that no one has heard of is big time hockey because they are playing in front 35 parents on parent's weekend.

Dude, take the top line from any Super 8 team and they could ALL walk onto a D-3 team outside of the top 2-3 teams. Real exclusive and great hockey!

And then armed with your 2.7 GPA from a school no one has ever heard of and jump right into the job market when you're 25 years old and let me know how rewarding this big time hockey was for the kid.

Let me guess your the Malden Catholic or Arlington High School coach? There a zero percent a single kid from MIAA can go and play college hockey at any D3 school in the country. Not a single kid in MIAA can play D3 hockey without a year of juniors.

I also hate to break it to you also your going to be paying about $8,500 for tier 3 junior.

Name me one kid that has come from MIAA and stuck on a Tier 2 junior team? The superstar from Arlington that had a commitment had been bounced all over the East Coast and he was the best player in the last 5 years to play HS.

Most Nescacs are starting to require kids to play juniors now. Middlebury who would take kids right out of prep now sitting at NAHL/ NCDC games every week. My kid is an higher end prep kid def not a D1 guy so I told him to reach out to these schools and all of them told him to do 1 year of juniors then we will speak. Yes he’s on a top 5 prep team been top 6 since sophomore year and I thought he would be able to walk right into a Nescac.