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Re: College Pause

Even a hockey east team got affected already.
Northeastern U was to play several games in Switzerland in December. That tournament/ event got cancelled due all the new noise and now they have to sit idle for about a month. Their last game was December 4th.

Their nxt gm is not slated until Jan 7th.
"due all the new noise"

I doubt Switzerland give 2-f's about an idiot fringe that fights common sense and fails to recognize the term 'common good.'

took you a while to come up with that. how smart you are.

well, the same europeans (and khl /other leagues etc) will have players at the beijing games including american players. good for them that they get to play only because they were/are playing away and out of this country and the political bs all around us.

there will be hockey games in beijing and elsewhere (like the iihf ones yesterday) and you can bubble wrap yourself for 'the common good'.