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Re: Bad

One problem everyone is aware of is that many times the best players are not the ones selected. We've all seen it, two players always even and side by side since 9 but one goes on and one doesn't. Someone knows someone, someone is an alum, someone's dad pla*** for so and so, someone had a good year at 16 but can't keep up at 20. The list goes on.

My point is its really easy to pack it in with these kinds of "easy" picks that many times don't work out, but much harder to do the work and find the kids that can really play a few years from now.

Re: Bad

All politics regarding who goes where. Who you know blah blah. The best goalie the last 4 years in college hockey didn't get one bite from any East Colleges except HC who then lied to him and caused a huge commotion when he called them out on it. He won his appeal from the NCAA and went West.
NZ and the other brain thrust scouting services called him an undersized goalie who didn't understand how to play according to his size. "Lacks quickness and the ability to read the play". Umm yea ok. Look up Dryden McKay.

Re: Bad

you sound like Joe B today. yelling at the clouds.