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Re: Time Commitment?

I had a girl play D1 hockey for an Ivy and she was an engineering major. I have to hand it to her. Schedule was 5:30 AM to 11:00PM just about every day. Throw in the travel and missing school and she had her hands full. There was zero time for any of the normal college social scene. Choices you have to make.

Re: Time Commitment?

That's a good example of a different "college experience", and a good example. Proof there is no one "college experience", it's what you make it and different for everyone.
Everyone complains but in most situations there is plenty of free time in college. Its how you spend that free time that defines your "college experience".
Unfortunately when many talk about not playing a sport so their kid can have the "college experience" they are actually saying they want their kid to spend that free time on the social scene, frat parties, drinking until you're sick, and experimenting with drugs and sex instead of at the library, gym and rink. Good luck with that.