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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: NCDC and EHL Have Ruined NE Junior Hockey

hmmmm not 100% sure there, besides the top 5-10 schools in D3, many of the players were just average jr players. Its evident in the D1 players who transfer, and then absolutely light up D3. Sometimes d3 talent is just people who can play. ACHA D1 deserves a better look around, that is some serious hidden talent.
I watched a northeast 10 game ( TERRIBLE League) and an ACHA game in the same day at the same exact location well my kid was in a tournament. Not even close speed wise ACHA kids didnt even match or run a system. So MR Club daddy please give it up your kid isn't very good and playing club because he couldn't play D3

Re: NCDC and EHL Have Ruined NE Junior Hockey

USA Hockey, Mass Hockey, and affiliates have ruined Jr hockey in NE. Same as Jr hockey ruined HS hockey. Things change and the old school fails to adapt. No one has sanctioned a true tier 2 Jr league in New England. Which is nuts. This is the hotbed of college hockey. NAHL isn't viable here. There needs to be an east coast equivalent. And it isn't ehl. That crap show can't even manage itself..

Re: NCDC and EHL Have Ruined NE Junior Hockey

I'll publish a full breakdown on all these leagues next week gentleman. Please subscribe!!