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Re: Advisor?

I have mixed feelings about the value of an advisor. We have been approached by some who don\'t charge a fee, but they seem distant. Others charge from 1k-3k per year.

At first blush, it seems silly to pay so much money when advancement to junior and/or college really depends on the quality of the player.

That said, these are critical years, and I wonder if it\'s worth the money for advice on choosing the right opportunity. I would think a solid advisor could help give information about the coach, the organization, how others have liked or disliked the organization, what the coach really thinks about your kid, etc, that might be hard to glean without consulting an industry insider. A good advisor might also give solid advice on the right path to get to the kind of college the player seeks to attend.


if your kid has even an outside shot of being an impact d1 player, fat ian and/or Matt the dweeb will approach since they represent 50 kids per birth year in an attempt to create the biggest conflict of interest in any business. If your kid is actually good at hockey, some of the other advisors might approach as well, but definitely the first two knobs.
By Matt the dweeb do you mean the clown that's one of the GM's of the 5th place NAHL team out of Massachusetts that talks about the wonderful trades me makes that will "give them the right push towards the Robertson Cup" even though they probably won't make the playoffs?