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Re: EHL Orgs

Do you live under a rock? There is thing called a pandemic keeping most kids ready for college OUT of college and playing jrs. The already scarce number of spots being taken up by kids born in 96 and 97. Even at Beanpot schools...several grad xfers making the rosters older than normal and keeping prep kids out.
Where doe d1 recruit from? Preps, big name full seasons, ushl, nahl, ncdc, tier 3 in that order of importance.
Most Prep kids do not end up playing EHL. Most prep kids are moving on with their life or going nescac and usually nescac's have no interest in a 21 year old freshman. And hate to break it to ya but NCDC is tier 2. Moron.
Dude, numbers are current and don't lie, this is the world we live in now, not a decade ago. Your argument was that more prep players move onto the USHL than T3 which has been proven completely false. Now you're changing it to where do top D1 recruits come from which is of course the top hockey prep schools and USHL. Club and T3 is the ***ure for the majority of prep kids. All coaches want 21yo freshmen. And NCDC is NOT sanctioned T2 which is why I noted "almost". You sound like a guy that has a youngster in hockey and read the Dboard for the past couple of years but with no real knowledge of where the bulk of these kids end up which is NOT in the USHL as you claimed.

And both of you are forgetting that D1 schools are also pulling from Canadian leagues and around the world, as are D3 schools. Any US born players in College hockey today should be applauded- no matter at what level or what path got them there.