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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: D3 College Coaches

I\'m sorry, but what does it matter? I know that D3 hockey is good hockey. But if your kid is playing D3, he ain\'t going pro. As such, why does it really matter how good the coach is? I would just want to make sure he isn\'t a dick, a psycho, or someone who will prevent your player from focusing on his academics. Your kid is in college to get an education ... hockey being only a nice extracurricular activity.
Ok, I'll change the question. What D3 schools have head coaches who are not considered dicks, psychos, or academic interferer's.
St A's

Re: D3 College Coaches

Plymouth State.

Re: D3 College Coaches

Our oldest has loved his time at Umass Boston, very well run program, coaches are very good to the players. Head coach is the son of a RI coaching legend.