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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: Still Playing

And all the locals gush about their prep 30 game season against 15 year olds. . . .
Well Prep is still High School hockey, older kids against younger kids, but not many 15 year olds, you know that.
Same thing happens in college, older guys vs younger guys.
Same thing happens in Pros, older guys vs younger guys.
Get over the age thing already.
Big difference between an 18 or 19 year old prep player vs a 15yo in strength, stamina, maturity, all the puberty stuff, never mind skill. No difference between 25yo and 21yo with that stuff. That being said, the legit top preps are not running lines with 15yos anyway. It\'s top 6/4 vs top 6/4 pretty much the whole game.

Have you seen the current landscape at the D1 College Level? Take a good look at the college senior today vs the college freshman today. Strength, stamina, maturity, all in favor of the older Senior player. Kind of obvious, no? Or just think back to how you were at 21 vs 25..Your 25 year old self was hopefully better.
Clearly you weren't an athlete. There is a difference between a college senior at 22 and a green 18yo freshman, but we're talking hockey, not football, so you're talking about a mature 21yo freshman that has already been playing 2-3 years of juniors and been on weight and nutrition plans, no significant difference physique-wise or maturity-wise with a 25yo other than game experience. This isn't professional sports, those 25yos are transitioning to 12oz curls in the beer leagues.

Re: Still Playing

I agree that the length of the season is one of the MANY things wrong with junior hockey, and hockey in general. That said, I enjoy watching the USHL, BCHL, SJHL and NAHL playoffs on Hockey TV.