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Re: Trouble Ahead?

Congress is the body that taxes and spends, not the President. Although the President can affect the spending with the veto power, the real question is who held Congress when the deficit spending went wild; not who was in the White House.

Plus, the wild spending was just one cause of the inflation. The severe restraints on oil and gas drilling, transportation and production in the US is a major but-for cause.

But, yes. Who gets into office matters.

As for how it will impact hockey ... I foresee some junior teams going under and/or shifting more costs to the players. Scouting budgets will be cut, so scouts will spend time watching LiveBarn and HockeyTV instead of traveling to watch kids live. Youth teams will travel less, meaning that the kids playing outside hockey hotbeds like Minnesota, New England and Michigan will find it very, very hard to retain players and get good games. As for hockey long term, I have no idea how rinks will keep in the black once the green new deal-type rules hit. Maintaining a rink requires a lot energy.
although I generally agree on congress, let's not forget that the desire to spend and/or policy direction comes from the president.

oil and gas drilling is not in majority restrained by way of canceling lease sales and other policies (which admittedly Biden does not make easy), but investor appetite. Look at shell's comment at the congressional hearing. he clearly said it is not the lease sales that have an impact on price to consumers.

Re: Trouble Ahead?

I just love how you - like so many others intend on shifting the blame - shift the poster's statement about "drilling, transportation and production" to "lease sales." Big difference.

A lease is one thing. What you can do with/on the leased property is quite another.

Re: Trouble Ahead?

Your last sentence "maintaining a rink requires a lot of energy" made me think.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the non-traditional hockey market sun states with year round 365 sun used solar for their rinks and came out of this mess better than the cold dark traditional Northern rinks?

Re: Trouble Ahead?

#1 hockey is expensive.
#2 all politicians are in it for themselves. If you think either side cares about you or the country, you are sadly mistaken.