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Re: Makar

Makar is to D what McDavid is (was) to offense.

In a pool of talented professional athletes they are both on a different level.

That said, if you are ranking NHL D men Makar is clearly the most talented but Fox is likely number 2.

I doubt I would spend millions more of valuable salary cap to get Makar over Fox. Equal pay though I would definitely take Makar.

Re: Makar

Think he is the best NCAA player to ever play in NHL!
Adam Fox is better.
Fox is better than Makar? Not even close
Saying Makar is better is fine but saying it is not even close is just plain ignorant. Fox won the Norris recently.
Makar will win the next 5
Very possible, but until then, you can\\\\\\\'t disregard Fox.
Fox is solid. But, Makar -

Cale Makar is something else. Different level.
Makar is on a different level style points wise. No denying he is flashier than Fox but at the end of the day, their production is very similar and last time I looked, style points don\'t count for much of anything. It is production.
Makar is arguably the best player in the NHL right now. I know morons on the D board will disagree but thats a fact
Who won the Norris last year?

Re: Makar

And Makar’s production is better. All 31 teams would take Makar over Fox….including the Rangers.

Re: Makar


Re: Makar

He’s fun to watch, got to watch him out here in sticks at the zoo. If he stays healthy hell have Bobby Orr type numbers. Enjoy the show.