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Best Concert?

The board is stagnant. We are all just waiting for seasons to start.

In the meantime, what is the best concert you ever saw live (artist and location)?

Re: Best Concert?

ZZ Top with the Black Crowes as the opening act at the Syracuse Carrier Dome in the early 90's. It was amazing.

Re: Best Concert?

Marky Mark at Riverside in the 90's. Not sure who liked it more me or my girlfriend. yum.

Re: Best Concert?

Stevie Ray Vaughan, in a small 1-2,000 seat theater before he became known. Awesome.

Re: Best Concert?

Stevie Ray Vaughan, in a small 1-2,000 seat theater before he became known. Awesome.
Tie. Greatful Dead, Sept 1991. Boston Garden. Kiss, 1992. South Portland Maine civic center.

Re: Best Concert?

Saw The Who at the Masonic Temple in Detroit in 1979. Uh, I can't say for sure because I really don't remember a **** thing about the concert, but it had to have been awesome.

Concert was like a month before the stampede concert in Cincinnati.

Re: Best Concert?

Pink Floyd Foxboro Division Bell tour 1994.. Misty night created fog epic laser light show

Re: Best Concert?

Pantera and White Zombie at the Wallace Civic Center in Da Burg. Epic!

Re: Best Concert?

Depeche Mode Red Rocks Colorado 1984, followd by The Classic East NYC 2017.

Re: Best Concert?

Megadeth at The Rat & Soundgarden at Avalon are probably my two favorite shows. Helmet at Venus de Milo was epic as well.

Re: Best Concert?

Megadeth at The Rat & Soundgarden at Avalon are probably my two favorite shows. Helmet at Venus de Milo was epic as well.
Queensryche at the Living room in providence circa 1984…Roads to Madness!!!

Re: Best Concert?

Mahler's Third Symphony. Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. 1994.

Re: Best Concert?

Green Day, Hatch Shell September 9, 1994

Nothing like a good drunken riot!

Re: Best Concert?

Some of my best, and worst:


The Who in 1980. Still had it.

J Giles in the late 70s. Thought they put on a great show.

Burton ***mings from the Guess Who at a small venue. Great performer.

Big Audio Dynamite, medium sized venue shortly after the Clash broke up. They had all the Clash's equipment. My hearing is still damaged ... but I had fun "slam dancing" for the first time ever.

Police at a large hockey stadium. Went to the show reluctantly. Left a fan of the band. They played a lot of their early rockabilly stuff.

Stevie Ray Vaughan. Best performer. Period. That guy could friggin play.

Chuck Berry. Had to see him before he died. Guy was like 80 when I saw him. Was still very energetic and entertaining. Love the duck walk.

Santana outdoors. Great musicians. Great show.

Yes. 90210 tour. No opening act, save for a Buggs Bunny video. Played forever, and quite well. Very good musicians.

Van Halen. David Lee Roth was still lead. Loud and entertaining show. They really worked the stage.

Rammstein, small theater. Not a metal fan, let alone industrial metal, but a friend persuaded me to go. ****, the place was insane ... and insane went to a new and unbelievable (almost scary) new level when they played Du Hast. Holy cow.

A Beatles Tribute band, not sue the name. They went through 4 periods of attire and music and were really quite good.


Ozzy Osbourne with Randy Rhodes on guitar. Ozzie was a fat pig who just walked around slowly on stage. Rhodes was an amazing guitar player.

Frank Sinatra. Had to see him before he died. Voice was not all there, but kind of funny to see him walk from teleprompter to teleprompter with a scotch and a cigarette in his hand.

Paul McCartney. Really cool to see a Beatle, but the concert was only so so.

The Rolling Stones at a football field. Like McCartney. Cool to see the Stones, but you don't get much when watching a bunch of 60 year old men perform.

Detroit Spinners. Not so great ... until they played Rubberband Man.

Bob Seger. Good show. Nothing special, though.

Eric Clapton. To me, he seemed to be going through the motions.


Peter Gabriel. A prog rock guy in the 80s trying to be a pop star. Yuck.

Pink Floyd at a football stadium. Unimpressed.

Moody Blues at an outdoor theater. Love the band ... but not live.

U2. Never liked them. Went reluctantly. Not fun being with a bunch of "hip" kids in the mid 80s.

John Lee Hooker. Just sat there. No energy at all.

Supertamp. No life. Everyone sat down.

Matt "Gutair" Murphy (from the Blues Brothers). Fun show, but the guy, in my opinion, seemed extremely drunk.