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Re: USPHL Junior roster numbers

JR Bruins will have 60 players at “NCDC” team camp this week.
Is it not normal to have 40 healthy scratches per game?

Re: USPHL Junior roster numbers

Well no **** Sherlock. Is your contention that any kid who isn’t a D1 lock supposed to just quit hockey if they want to keep playing?
$15,000 just for "if they want to keep playing" is a little overkill...No?
It is if you're poor. Sorry to hear about that.

Re: USPHL Junior roster numbers

I've spent more for less. My son prioritized academics over hockey in HS and got into a great school. He asked to defer and take one last year just to play hockey. Lucky to be in a situation where that's not really a material amount of money for us, so we let him. I get that's not the same for everyone.