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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: Early

Been there
Junior hockey isa buisness.
The coaches need to win or get fired.
They will do what they feel is best to give their club the highest chance of winning.
There are some really good and honest coaches in junior
Where? Help Please
Yes please name a few! Kid played 4 years of juniors and we never found one

Re: Early

Junior hockey is a business. The best kids make teams. Take a look in the mirror before you start down that path. Is your kid good enough or is he /you delusional?

There is zero loyalty in the NAHL. Some in the NCDC. monarchs, BA, Jr Bruins take care of their homegrown talent. The USHL is a different animal. If your kid is committed to a D1 school they’ll get every opportunity in the USHL whether or not they stink,

If your kid is 16, really good, mentally tough, etc. they can play junior hockey. If not, wait. Play u18 or prep (if you have the $). Junior hockey will be there for him when he’s ready.

Re: Early

True. There is nothing wrong with playing high level midget hockey and not rushing into juniors.

Re: Early

Negative: Son found out last night that he got cut- sad for a moment.
Positive: Called the school that wanted him over the summer and they still want him, so he's off to college and will play there.
This sport is crazy.

Re: Early

Kinda hard to jump in mid-semester, isn't it?