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Tough week for some

If memory serves, the USHL makes their cuts next week. The plinco game begins.

Re: Tough week for some

Tough, indeed. I have several friends with 03 and 04 kids. Most were excited and proud that their son was tendered by, drafted by and/or made a NAHL team. Some of my friends even traveled to Blaine for the big weekend, thinking they would watch their kid play.

Yet, with only a couple exceptions, most of my friends' kids saw limited or no ice time. Four never even dressed. Four dressed and saw only a couple shifts per period. One dressed and probably played two shifts the entire game. One goaltender dressed twice but didn't play.

And now the USHL (and, I presume, the OHL, WHL and BCHL) is about to make their cuts, which will start a domino effect.

I know how it goes and suffered through a similar thing with my oldest. But it doesn't make it any easier. I feel bad for these players and their parents.