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NJ- will figure it out as they always do

Maine- fighting for his job this will be interesting to watch during the year

Maryland- will get worse as the year goes on last 2 years it’s been a thing for them.

Northeast- can the coaches get them somewhat prepared every game. Had a stretch of bad hockey late in the year. Final 2 weeks they played solid hockey.

Johnstown- check back in February around trade deadline

Danbury- they would lose to some NA3 teams in
Northeast on Twitter Interview- "we are going to go home and regroup" = Im cutting 1/2 the team!
The GM won’t know how to pick new players with talent so they will be even worse


Stay far away from Generals, Danbury..clown shows! Not worth the year of your life to be in a miserable environment. Northeast is a family run program and if you are not in, then you are so far out!


Friends kid went to Generals main camp few years back. Big, strong and good, played great every skate. Some people there chatting in the stands with even thought he was the best one at times.
Didn't even make the final cut for the all star game. At exit interview the kid said said he thought he played very well and asked what more he could have done. The guy replied "which one are you again?" Wow. No wonder why they are a mess.