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Re: Big adjustment

Yes but I enjoyed the gas savings and giving my odometer a break.

Re: Big adjustment

With three boys in hockey (one in AAA, one in AA, and one in house), I got used to running around town every night and being out of town two or thee weekends a month. Now they are all off in college or playing junior. It's nice to be able to just watch their games on TV instead of traveling and spending all that time in hotels and rinks, but its a big adjustment being home all the time.
I got divorced cause we realized we had to spend time with each other on weekends and didn't enjoy that. So I moved to a much cooler area, play golf, and actually can go out at night now. And still get to see one play in college. It's been great!

Re: Big adjustment

I spend a lot of time walking on the beach ... with my metal detector ... talking to anyone who will listen about how my son's Pee Wee AAA coach screwed him out of his chance to go pro.

Re: Big adjustment

Great post about the metal detector