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Re: EHL Premier

Any good 04 not in prep should be playing full season.

Re: EHL Premier

Don't want to sound mean, but the chances of an '03 who is only in the EHL playing D1 or quality D3 hockey is low. An '03 who is not currently in the USHL or BCHL is on the outside looking in. An '03 who is not in at least the NAHL or AJHL is WAY on the outside (unless he is either tearing it up in the NAHL or AJHL, dominating the NCDC, or has a stellar academic record and is shooting for an elite D3 college).

Were it me, I would choose some target colleges (based on academics, not athletics) and get his applications out ASAP - targeting a Fall 2023 start. It's a little late at this point, but you still have time.

I would shy away from staring college in the Winter term, unless of course you are at a community or local college trying to knock off some core classes. Its better to start with an incoming class.

ACHA - which is not a bad option - will be there regardless ... and completing this gap year playing junior might help him in that regard.

Re: EHL Premier

The original poster was talking about his 03 still waiting to be called up to the EHL from the lower EHLP league.

Re: EHL Premier

We’re 5 games in and my 03 isn’t getting called up. Is it time for me to have a heart-to-heart with my son and start looking for schools in January?

He thought he’d be on the upper team and he’s frustrated as well.
Start calling ACHA coaches at colleges he is interested in.