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Re: Roster Cuts This week

Son cut this week, team wont release his rights? Does this make sense? He has other teams that want him. Is there a way out of this?
When you are cut after the season begins like this for an NCDC team did they offer your son a spot on the Premier team with the sti****tion that now you have to pay or did they say nothing leaving your son in limbo? Why would they want to retain the rights to a player they cut and they did not offer a spot on their Premier team where they'd have to pay. I get trying to force you into a pay to play situation (for them) but if that's not the case, why leave the player in total limbo.
Wouldn't them releasing the player mean they release his rights too??

My son was waived from a USHL team and once he cleared waivers they didn't have his rights anymore. Seems silly for the to be able to release a player and keep his rights!