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Re: Which League

I’m totally confused here.

Are we talking about kids that didn’t make USHL, NAHL, BCHL, etc now paying $12k per year for 2-4 years to maybe play D3 hockey?

Think about that. It’s insane.

If you don’t make one of the Tier 1 or Tier 2 teams, it’s time to move on with either education or a trade.

Play club hockey, beer league or spend time doing something else.

Good grief.
So, your not confused at all? That’s exactly 100% what we are talking about, like you are dead nuts understanding it.

Re: Which League

In US, the only recognized Tier 1 program is USHL and only Tier 2 is NAHL.

Anything else is a waste of time and money and time to move on with life.

Re: Which League

Who died and made you Bobby Orr? Why do you care or make judgements like this? It's a free country. What is good for one young person may not be for another but I met my wife and won a national championship at one those -insane d3 schools. Did I take the wrong path! Was I insane? Your just a Jack off who never played

Re: Which League

Simple, both similar so go where he fits and will play more. Top teams in both have players that probably could play tier2 somewhere but didn't and get tons of ice time so factor that in where he will slot in and how much he will play.