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Re: USPHL Premier

Take a look at the scoring leaders..either its the weakest league in Jr hockey or this league has the most \\\"late bloomers\\\" in the history of hockey. Leader with 58 points in 16 games, why is this kid not in NCDC or NAHL? 291 players with 1 PPG or Better.

My kid had a teammate in Premiere once who was lights out. Scoring 2+ points per game. He carried the team at times.

Kid's problem was he would score a big goal in a tight game, then skate by the opponents bench and spit onto their bench or the like. He was constantly getting tossed from games for ridiculous/unsportsmanlike behaviors. He could not help himself. Still playing Premiere, when many other less flashy teammates have moved on.

There is no way an NCDC or NA team was going to take a chance on him because he always found a way to hurt the team more than he helped it.
Fritz, what are you rambling about? No kid who spits at opponents deserves to even play the sport in todays world.
The point is, kids have always been told to produce at the level you are at in order to move to the next level, that obviously does not occur in the USPHL.

Re: USPHL Premier

Ignore the player stats.
Sure some good players but most of the western teams are weaker, and any decent player out west pads their stats playing against them regularly.
Then at tournaments they play eastern teams with much different results.

Re: USPHL Premier

Do most teams in this league do Film? My son talked to a player he went to prep with last year and his team has not watched 1 second of film. Sound right? They did about 2 hours a week of film last year and now, zero. I would ask the players who are there now before making your decision. Film is just as important to practice for many players. Seeing is believing.

Re: USPHL Premier

Honestly, if your division doesn't put lineups in Rinknet every game, then your playing hockey just to play. Nobody is following you, Premier is where dreams go to die.