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Re: Danbury

Finished dead last in 2021-22 with a minus 105 goal differential. Currently dead last with only 2 wins in 25 games and a minus 71 goal differential.


They have a nice rink and Danbury seems like a nice town. Why can't they make it work?

Re: Danbury

Yes recruiting. There are so many tier2 level players that get overlooked its getting ridiculous. My son was at a main camp paired with another player from Shattuck-St.Mary's. They finished the 3 games without giving up even one goal, and totaled 5 points, but neither D were invited to the end of camp all star game for final selections. What are they looking for?

Re: Danbury

I suspect most of the team is picked before main camp starts, with the coaches watching to make final decisions for two or three spots.

Re: Danbury

If you have NetFlix check this out.

Re: Danbury

If you have NetFlix check this out.
Complete different teams, post is about Danbury Hat Tricks a NAHL team, Danbury Thrashers were a low level Minor league pro league. Same rink, different teams