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New team talks

When is it ok to start talking to another team for next season

Re: New team talks

Why wait for next year, if you want out talk to them now and move 2nd half of this season.

Re: New team talks

ASAP! This is Jr hockey, you got kids coming and going everyday, just be sure you know what you signed with the current team

Re: New team talks

This doesn't apply to NCAA, but at any other level I say ASAP! As we know, AAA teams are probably 90% set for next year, already. In Junior, I suggest you get in contact with target team(s) to (a) gauge interest, and hopefully (b) spend a week or two with the team and/or (c) get in some games as an affiliate player. Now is the time for that.

Re: New team talks

Find a team that is loyal to their core players