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Re: Just go to college ....

I agree that OP did not say "offers" - he said interest, not offers. There is an obvious difference.

I do not agree that all NAHL players must await their age-out year to get offers. Yes, many NAHL players need to sweat it out until the age-out year before the first offer comes. But I know several current or former NAHL players who got offers - some from very good schools/academies - one or two years before the age-out year. A quick look at the NAHL news section reveals several 03s who not only got offers, but committed this year. Depends on many, many factors, including the player's size, ability, character, grades, experience, representation, coach support, etc.
Only 6% of all players in NCAA D3 are under the age of 21.

Players currently in NCAA D3 who played in NAHL

2004s: 1
2003s: 0
2002s: 22

Several 03s may have gotten a commitment this year but they will be a fractionally small handful, just like the 02s from last year. This number gets smaller every year. There are 402 03s currently playing in NAHL and only several have offers per website. Your kid, my kid, the kid up the street, they're all playing juniors until they age out. I wish mine was a unicorn too but look at the data and be realistic.