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Re: Not Aging Out

Wrong place to ask, people here have no idea. I would suggest having him speak with his current Jr coach or past High School coach about schools they have sent kids to before and have an established relationship with, but he has to start today.

Re: Not Aging Out

Funny about 'high school' coaches and where they have sent kids. Local, well regarded, sure to be in the Mass Hockey HOF one day coach that does nothing, zip, zero, zilch for kids as far as moving them along. They scramble to land anywhere post H.S. from PG years, Juniors or college all through their non-high school coaches.

Shouldn't the idea to keep kids in a Town program or recruit them to a CC school would be to have one point person / assistant coach who works with the kids and find them spots? It sure would make their program more attractive to players with potential.

Re: Not Aging Out

D3 teams seem content to let players mature in junior, and then snap up quality players who couldn't quite land a D1 spot. But it's possible to play D3 before ageing out if you son is good enough ... meaning he is one of the better players in a good league.

The reason you don't see many D3 commitment announcements now is that players are still pursuing their D1 dream. You start to see the D3 announcements in the Spring and Summer.

I would have him start reaching out ASAP. You never know.

Unfortunately, the desire to major in business/finance eliminates several D1 and D3 schools. So many of the liberal artsy schools - even big ones, and several of the super-exclusive schools - lack business/management/finance/accounting majors and only offer "Economics." While economics can be a solid, business-focused major, it isn't always. Some schools treat it more like a social science. Babson might be a good option for you because it has a D3 team and a business curriculum.

My advice is to pick the college first, apply and get in. If they have a D3 program, great. Go for it. If not, ACHA hockey is a great option. Kids still get to practice three days a week, play on weekends, travel and play descent hockey for their school, but they are not slaves to the team and can enjoy more of what college has to offer.

Re: Not Aging Out

My son was approached around this time last season by a private D3 school to play this year. So it does happen.
However he decided he wanted to play another season of (tuition free) juniors instead. The good is that he is having a great year, the bad is that the school filled that roster spot. So if he gets an offer he wants, take it. Good luck.