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Re: Is College worth the money?

Back in the day, a friend of mine worked a full time job managing a restaurant (40+ hours a week) and also managed straight A's at a prestigious midwestern business school. He slept about four hours a day.

Had a job Day 1 out of school at a "big five" accounting firm and has been a partner there for many years.

He had zero debt coming out of school and the only debt he likely has now is his seven-figure mortgage and maybe alimony.

Work hard and don't take student loans unless you literally can't make it happen otherwise. A self-employed carpenter is likely just as happy as the marketing major paying off her $320K degree from Notre Dame working at Macy's.
Hopefully more and more people are realizing that borrowing money (for anything) you don't have and ac***ulating debt that will hurt your future is something to be avoided whenever possible.

Re: Is College worth the money?

Parents and kid can swallow their pride and go CC for 1-2 years to chip away at credits before matriculating to traditional undergrad.

Military is an option too. Find a guaranteed technical job in the Air Force, do your 4-years, and get some dough for college. As a freshman, you'll only be a year older than the kids who aged-out of juniors lol.