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Re: 03 Fed Group

Interesting. Try this, of the kids still playing higher than tier 3 hockey, how many are legacy kids? Now of the remaining players, how many of those families have an income of less than $130k or both parents have jobs such as pre~K through high school teaching, Nurse, laborer, public service ( local cop, fireman, emt , etc). Hockey at the higher levels that have real player opportunity are typically only for families with a minimum joint salary greater than $190k per year or Legacy connection. The sad part is, the lower income families are the ones paying the 10k per year for tier 3. Hockey is the ultimate predominantly white, rich sport with no inclusivity for the lower to middle class regardless of race and that’s why rinks are full of unhappy parti****nts. Straight facts. Now it’s 5:30 am and I have a full day of plumbing to do so I can pay this **** hockey bill so my son has a chance to make it to the next level.

Re: 03 Fed Group

MC at Merrimack is the exception to your rule

Re: 03 Fed Group

MC at Merrimack is the exception to your rule
Wasn’t that a Team Wass doing? Some relation with someone, I forget the details on how that went down. Something with Moran also? Wrong kid? What’s jackpot get for them though, good player, might be heading to the pros, Fitzy loves him.