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Re: AAU college varsity hokey

After reading their info om the website, I find their strategy interesting as they are targeting Div 2 & 3 level schools. That's we the model is currently broken, as most players at that level have to wait to be a 21-year old freshman. But at the end of the day, it's all about money, what schools are going to want to invest on starting another sport which is expensive, unless they are trying to attract the Div 2&3 that already have hockey?
As far as i remember few years ago a bunch of ACHA D2 and D3 teams were unhappy with the leadership of the ACHA. They founded the CHF. CHF caters mostly to ACHA D2 D3 level kinda teams. Anything that grows hockey after high school is a good thing. So that should open up an avenue directly from high school to college for those that don't want to do juniors for a couple of years. Right now, the backlog of players that age out and don't get a NCAA spot means a ton of players going ACHA D1.

Re: AAU college varsity hokey

Looks to me like nothing more than a strategy to take on the ACHA and bring more club teams into the fold for the AAU money machine. If you look at the schools that make up the NEIHC division of the CHF, I doubt that Brown, UNH, Anna Marie, Babson, etc. are going to give up their NCAA D-I or D-III status for an AAU program.

Re: AAU college varsity hokey

This is nothing more than AAU trying to get a piece of the ACHA pie. Follow the money.

Re: AAU college varsity hokey

No current NCAA team is going to move to AAU. This is a league for their club teams to play in. If you browse the website, you'll see that the New England teams do pretty well.

Re: AAU college varsity hokey

AAU is still not come out with a list of Schools that are currently committed / involved. They have a huge mound to clime to win over ACHA schools.

Re: AAU college varsity hokey

The CHF is AAU college hockey