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Junior & College Hockey
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Re: USPHL All Star

This league is trash I don’t understand why I’m even here- ask me to basically do everything for the team- treat me like complete $hit and then don’t get me into the 1 game that might have a couple college coaches- first flight out
If your kid is going away after high school to play juniors in NCDC, Premier, or Elite; and is being forced to work the camera during games.

Thats a major hint it's time to hang em up.

Re: USPHL All Star

I agree it's embarassing for a junior program to ask their scratches to have to work the cameras but it's not just a NCDC/USPHL/EHL thing. Talk to the kids in the almighty NAHL at the Gens, they have to work the cameras all the time.

Re: USPHL All Star

I saw the rosters. Mostly fair. The best kids made the all stars. Non4th liners