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06 black/white

Just saw the results of the Kennedy Memorial tournament this weekend. Nice to see a couple EHF teams making it into the playoffs. Interesting to notice the Kings from the White division beating the flames in the black. Looks like it might've been a good game though. A lot of out-of-state teams in that division. Congratulations to both teams

Re: 06 black/white

Not really surprising when a white team beats a black team. White team could be a top team in the white and black could be on the bottom of their division. Same old argument over the years: couple of good teams at the top of the black and a couple weaker on the bottom of the white and the rest all fall in the middle and could compete against each other on any given weekend. Teams are all watered down now. Get rid of the divisions and let them all play. Take your beatings and your wins. None of the records matter in the end

Re: 06 black/white

Actually the MMFs are in 3rd place in the Black division so I'm guessing it must have stung a bit to be beat by any team in the white