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Re: Is the EHF still the place to play?

The EHF is the place to play up to 14U. Once there is split level hockey it all changes. The 9th grade kids that played in the EHF the year before leave for a split season team. They are replaced by the hockey retards on the tier 1 team from the year before, and the EHF becomes contaminated with special needs hockey players. If you don't believe me go watch some of the local teams...OMFG!!!!!!!!

Thank you for telling it like it is. The other parents are caught up in a word. They need to get over it. It is a big world. Please come on here again and give your opinions. I appreciate your honesty. "Hockey retards", I have seen a few myself. Most don't know when to quit. I simply ignore them this time of year. I sit far away from their parents, and I don't return their phone calls. My advice regarding hockey retards is to never tell them where you are going the following year. They will follow you like a lost dog because the success of the t@rd is dependent on your player. Hockey retards, I never heard the term before but I like it. It sounds just like what it is. Screw the rest of the d u s h bags and their political correctness. I feel for you! If people don't like what you write it's because you are describing their player to a T!!!!!

SMH. No ones following that guys kid anywhere because they would have to deal with that parent. And how you could surmise from his idiotic post his kids a star is impossible which would lead one to believe he is responding to his own post except you sound like you might have a bit more intelligence than he does. Oh, who am I kidding. You both sound like idiots

Re: Is the EHF still the place to play?

Life Goes On....

Re: Is the EHF still the place to play?

Yawn....pass the salt!

Re: Is the EHF still the place to play?

Everyone knows which team they sent??? Bwhahaha. Nice try though
There is an elite and a non elite in each division

Re: Is the EHF still the place to play?

EHF vs. E9....TG '04 team with a 7-17-02 record beat the Elite 9 NH Avalanche with a 17-2-6 record. No further details needed...EHF a faster and more skilled league, period. No whining allowed.

agree EHF is better overall...but where and when did Avs 04 play TG 04? And another thing the 04 Avs are a better team than TG04

Re: Is the EHF still the place to play?

Walpole Express