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Re: Top Gun - free try-outs this week!

who would try out for this Club? Do they have any good teams?

Because it's all about winning and not about developing your player right?

Nope! Said the team that beat them every time my kid played them. However, there were some decent players and I still come back to... It's not all about winning

Says the teams that can't win

You must have misread my post. Haven't lost to them... As a matter of fact, have only lost to a couple. But that's besides the point. My point is there is no perfect program out there. All programs have weak teams and many have gone through periods of many teams being weak and they bounce back place your kid in s program where he or she is not a stand out and not falling behind, a coach that your kid responds to and is developing and the rest will fall into place. And if that is Top Gun, the Bandits or Lovells or town than so be it.

Re: Top Gun - free try-outs this week!

Home of the daddy coaches x 10

Re: Top Gun - free try-outs this week!

Did Top Gun pick up any kids during the free tryout....heard they had a good turnout for 05/06 teams with some decent players