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Re: East Coast Wizards

Any one have an opinion on this organization? I have a mite and a squirt looking for team.

It's a joke. Why would you play here when you can play for Assabet up the street? 2 good thing about wizards, one being automatic bid to E9, and two they have a very nice facility. They got pretty much shelled every year at every level tho..... Just look at the standings.

Yeah, check the standings. Shelled at every level...

Re: East Coast Wizards

Didn't the 05 Wizards beat Assabet 7-1 last week?

Re: East Coast Wizards

It's a strong girls program...boys program is just a way to sell ice.

Re: East Coast Wizards

The entire Wiz 05 Elite team is packing up and moving. Get a great coach and stick with him.

Re: East Coast Wizards

Hard to know a good coach these days. Everyone putting winning at all costs first. No one in hockey takes development seriously. Hockey is a great sport that is being ruined by these leagues. Develop players and teams. That is what makes a good coach. Not one that suits up all the best players and cruise to wins.