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Youth Hockey
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Re: 9-10 year olds

I believe the real just of the thread was the OP wanted his kids teams to sit around the camp fire singing songs and roasting marshmallows. That is not the EHF. If you don't like what you signed up for, switch over to town. Everyone knows a good save from a bad miss and 5 other kids should be playing defensively.

Agree. Everyone knows when they make that step into club, whether it's EHF, E9 or the like, you're dipping your toes into the more competitive and scrutinized pool. If that's not what you're looking for and are just for the fun and rah-rahs - and there's nothing wrong with that either - than the better spot to be is probably A level town hockey.

There's evaluation and turnover every year on just about every team in club. Even to a lesser degree in town. That's why there's tryouts.