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Youth Hockey
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Re: Shamrocks

We were at a recent 06 practice. Pretty impressive group, this team is worth a look. Much better than a few others we've looked into.

Re: Shamrocks

Shamrocks are awesome! Flock to there.... '06 very strong program, ex pro, Hockey East coach!

Yes, they have a very impressive 50% win record in tier 1

Re: Shamrocks

Like 'win record' matters in Kiddie Hockey

Re: Shamrocks

You hate us cause you ain't us!

Go ahead you loser, make fun of that with your anger bitter hatred when talking about 9 year olds. It's about development and won't find it better than at the there. Winning is great and all but if you get caught up in that at this age, you are an idiot.

When is the last time any college, junior program asked what happened when you were 9? And nope not a coach.

Re: Shamrocks

That's a better response than the New England Patriots' - "They hate us because we cheat!" motto.

Re: Shamrocks

How's the 03 teams? Any openings?

Re: Shamrocks

Shamrocks are a joke. All sloppy seconds.