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Re: Open skate........then tryouts?

Most kids are not elite. Go up to Toronto and your ass kicked. For every one kid here there are 5 up there. Get a grip!

Re: Open skate........then tryouts?

Here are a few good rules of thumb:

1. Is your kid serious about hockey or just playing for fun? --The latter should lean toward town hockey

2. Does he/she have the natural talent level that could be brought out by better coaches, more training, more money, etc. in order to get him/her competitive with the best players on the top teams (EHF Elite, E9)? If not, then playing at a level of high school varsity at D1 or Prep or above (college, juniors) may not be in the cards. --Lean toward town hockey

3. Are you and your kid willing to give up other sports, other activities and savings to play on expensive club teams, summer teams, etc.? Remember, you can't have these years back. --If not, lean toward town hockey where it's more flexible

My guess is that few kids associated with parents and coaches on this board qualifies based on all three rules so I call for the elimination of Select, Tier 1, Tier 2, BHL teams and go back 10-15 years ago when only the best of the best played club hockey. Sorry team owners, sorry overachieving pushy parents, sorry future NHL coaches.......

Re: Open skate........then tryouts?

Rule 2 is flawed. Find me a parent who doesn't see their kid with talent or the it factor.

Re: Open skate........then tryouts?

It's very valid. You need to be honest with yourself. Only 10-20% of all kids in club hockey qualify, if it's not you then it's not, it's OK.

Re: Open skate........then tryouts?

Try all EHF Tier 1 teams are terrible. Same with BHL and MPDHL.

Re: Open skate........then tryouts?

Try all EHF Tier 1 teams are terrible. Same with BHL and MPDHL.

Sounds like a 3rd liner elite. Most real elire appreciate their talent and are much more humble. Wait until your kid gets passed by. It happens all the time