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Re: Mpdhl

Very simple. In the EHF elite there are usually three or four good teams and everybody else is really bad. Any good team only plays half season. Same for the tier 1 division. Two good teams and everybody else is bad. The bulk of U14s, if this is what we're talking about, play in the EHF tier 1, BHL, or MPDHL. So basically most U14's are really tier 2 players. By this age most parents are less enamored by the Fed and know not to waste money with the BHL, driving talent to the MPDHL. This is also the sister league to the Mass Select U16 and U18 tier 1 league which is the best one to play in for those ages. The Fed dies at bantam minor as most prep kids leave for Mass Selects. No good prep school kid plays in the Fed at these ages.

Keep in mind the MPDHL has only been around a couple years and each year they produce at least two or three teams at each level that beat the tier 1 fed teams easily. If you go by the simple stats this league is probably the fastest growing a league in New England.