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Re: EHF Parity Rationale

The problem with this plan is that teams can be completely different from one year to the next. The 2nd place finisher in the black division could have lost 6 of their top players. Giving them an automatic seat at the table for the next season does nothing for creating reasonable, competitive divisions. Just like the 4th place finisher in the white division could have brought in an entirely new team. You just don't know at this level.

I agree that the way in which it is done is crazy. There's no reasoning that I can see behind who plays whom in the parity tournament. As a result, you see teams play 4 cupcakes, go 3-1 and make it into the top division. Then get blown out all season. There needs to be some sort of formula for dividing teams into groups based on rankings, and each team needs to play against 1 team from each group. That would ensure that all teams are playing at least relatively balanced schedules.

How about okay every team a few times. Take your beatings, give your beatings and most fall in between. Why do we have to go out of our way to make things so even especially when it's apparent its not a great system. That's life

Re: EHF Parity Rationale

Personally, with 20+ teams supposedly going to be in the Tier 1 next year, I'd rather have a single division. Play each team 2 times - home and away - and then move on. But if they're not going to do that, let's find a more meaningful way of playing a parity tournament so it actually creates competitive divisions. The system as it stands now, just does not do that.

Re: EHF Parity Rationale

This would be much better than the voodoo parity tournament and eliminate the dullness of so many games per season against the same team.

Re: EHF Parity Rationale

They have to have two divisions so that the black division can pretend they are special and almost elite, the white division you are better off playing town hockey and save the 3k. There is too much of a skill difference between the better black teams and the lower white teams, the white teams should just go down and play EMHL(AAA) also known as town c division

Re: EHF Parity Rationale

BHL/E9 and MPDHL both do parity at the beginning of the season and their world don't end. Parity in April is useless and is a way for the EHF to collect $1k per team to participate. It's a revenue generator and saves their schedulers a bit of extra work at the beginning of the season. And, as someone else said, it allows teams live the Flames, Caps and Kings to put Elite players out to ensure that they end up in the upper tier 1. Since the rosters for Elite teams don't need to be submitted at that time, they can put whoever they want on their "Tier 1" team for parity and then move them to Elite after. Look at the 02 level. How did the Caps and Eagles end up in the Tier 1 and then only win 3 and 5 games, respectively during the season.

Re: EHF Parity Rationale

The issue I see with your rationale of strong black teams suddenly becoming horrible and weak white teams suddenly become good, is at least it is only a one year deal for the few teams where that may happen and the next season they would be moved based on performance. But in the interim the parity is based on season long performance, minimizing the cheating that occurs when orgs bring in ringers for the parity tournament - for which there is zero way to control or accountability. We could make up all kinds of scenarios, but using prior season performance as a basis so allocate some of the teams to each divisions at least adds transparency to the process.

Re: EHF Parity Rationale

The problem with parity is the way it's run not when it is.
They have to many teams playing 4 random games over one weekend seems more like luck of the draw .
The elite 9 does it the right way over multiple weekends and you have to win your way in.