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Re: Tournament Teams

Well said program owner/coach...
Here is the reality of summer tournament teams for those that have passed 3rd grade math.

Fee to enter team into tournament =$1300 (on average)

Player fees for teams like Boston jr whalers, jr bruins, shd, blue chips, etc are on average $200-$250 per player.
Tournament teams carry 14 players on average with a few playing for free/reduced rate. That leaves 12 kids paying atleast $200. Thats $2400 coming in to cover the $1300 tournament fee.

Hate to burst your bubble but summer tournament teams are ALL about the money.

You're right, none of these owners have to pay for coaches, uniforms, insurance, hotel, websites, travel, food, or put any time into building these teams. You're right, it's strictly just the tournament cost. Grow up you baffoon - oh yeah and hate to mention, it is called a business. You don't walk into a restaurant and tell the waiter you want the steak and potatoes for $3.15 because that's what it cost them to buy it from their distributor do you??? Get a clue and sorry your kid is playing future stars league because he stinks...

Re: Tournament Teams

Finally, someone making sense of it all. Well said, thank you!