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Youth Hockey
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Re: Parents

Thanks for playing everyone. Im really a Jr in high school who used this as part of my report on social media in youth sports. I am acutally posting this in front of the class with my teacher right now. I used differend modes with different demographics.
Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, The US soccer board, and this.

I play hockey for my high school and currently have a 3.87 GPA.
I was given points off for my offensive alias but other than that did very well on this project.

I wish you and all of your children well in this crazy world of youth sports, remember to have some fun along the way and think before you or your kids post something on social media, it dosent go away!

Onto World History...


And posting on social media during class....shame on you

Re: Parents

Hahaha... Nice work. I'm relieved to know that you're actually a good student and that this was not real.

Good luck.