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Re: BHL v. Tier 1

depends on age. MPDHL is actually better than EHF Tier 1 and BHL at the U14 and above levels. EJPL as well. Know you game rookies.

You are right I would say that at the U14 level MPDHL is along same lines as EHF Tier 1, BHL U14 is terrible...

U18 is not this board, no longer "youth" hockey in my view

Re: BHL v. Tier 1

What? tier 1 white is horrible, maybe the top team can compete with bottom of the tier 1 black , maybe, Top 3 of the tier 1 black can compete with the middle/bottom of the pack in elite. but no one can touch the top fed elite, unless your from out of the New England area, the best e9 teams would be middle of the pack at best. BHL national this year is the worst hockey I've seen in a long time. do people still pay to be in the MPDHL and EMHL or is it free now?

Re: BHL v. Tier 1

Everyone knows BHL Anerican blows away EHF Tier I Black. Top 3 programs from EHF Tier I left to come to BHL 3 years ago. Only decent program in EHF Tier I league, Vipers, would jump in a minute if offered to come back to BHL.

Re: BHL v. Tier 1

BHL American is similar to the top 4 teams in the Tier 1 (both black and white)

Tier 1 white is a much lower level then tier 1 black.