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Re: Playoffs - shady roster moves...

If you are talking about the team roster listings on the website for all to see, I totally disagree. In fact, in this day and age information technology and various crimes/privacy invasions, I cannot believe organizations are still publicly posting team rosters for all to see. While it may be nice to peruse team rosters to see who is playing where, it invites crime by announcing your whereabouts to the world. As a better means of enforcement team rosters, with jersey numbers, could and should be made internally to coaches with the league they are coaching in, if they are not already. I think the organizations such as the Terriers, who do not make rosters publicly available, are doing the right thing for the families in their organization.

Last names work just fine. No need for first name on website and there is no other personal information. Names are already on the back of the jerseys. These kids come from all over to play so Jones could have come from an hour away but it sure does make it harder to cheat doesn't it. I've been at games and seen Parents checking rosters when the kid a head taller than everyone or skates around everyone shows up

Re: Playoffs - shady roster moves...

So you think identity thieves are going to youth hockey websites to steal personal information? You better move completely off the grid, give up your credit cards, computers, cellphones, cars, drivers license, etc... I'm pretty sure they have better ways to get the info they want.

Re: Playoffs - shady roster moves...

Yes, the same reason some people have people watch their homes during funerals and weddings. No, not steal personal information, but maybe figure out when a good time to do a break in might be. I don't have to give up anything, it simple common sense applies and it is no threat to your liberty - unless you have nothing better to do than to than analyze team websites.

Re: Playoffs - shady roster moves...

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