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Re: Coaching announcement

Roto Rooter
Bob the Builder
Johnny Come Lately
Well it's March 9th and we stil don't have an answer to who will be coching our team
Next year. Not a good sign- time to start shopping

To late to be concerned. All teams are set. Go back to town where you belong. This is bigtime and you need to know how to manage your kids career.

Two posts in a row with go bs k to town. Not hard to figure out the viper patents are wound up now that they are getting trashed on here. Just an unoriginal post much like sorry you got cut. Remember, you can't get into the elite division. Ok

You seem a little defensive. Elite is just a term the league uses. It's how the team competes that really matters. There are town teams out there that can beat elite teams. Get over yourself.The bottom teams don't even belong there yet the upper teams love to pad the stats. Whatever makes you feel "elite". Your kid is going to end up in men's league just like most other kids. Well, at least he'll be able to brag about his 4 goals against a forty something weekend warrior.

A little defensive is how you win championships especially elite hockey championships. To win on the dboard, you need a potent offense! Go bangs some nails or dig a ditch or something!

Good one. So what's your strategy?

Defense on the ice. Offense on dboard. Does this help? Sorry i had to spell it out for you. Now go back to Snaking toilets!

Great follow up. Get of the computer and go spend time with junior so you can tell him how awesome he is even though he hates you and likes your wife's boyfriend better than you.

Re: Coaching announcement

oh... It's funny Jerry

Funny how? Like a clown? I'm here to amuse you?