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Re: 05 EHF Playoffs

Terriers, IHC, Caps have had ups and downs this year. No premier players on those teams???? Difference is on those teams coaches believe in developing all the kids and not playing around a "premier"kid. Good luck Terriers, IHC, Caps.

HAHAHAHA Should we roll back to where one knucklehead talked about recruiting? You couldn't develop a picture from Polaroid

Re: 05 EHF Playoffs

I guess I am missing something. I don't understand the "Recruting" jab. Every EHF team and E9 team at every age levels try's to get better players for the next season. Seems like the only ones who throw out the "you should develops kids" are those who are being replaced. Kids are developing...just not your kid. That is why he is being replaced.

Re: 05 EHF Playoffs

What don't you understand? You've replaced 7 out of 15 kids in the last 2 years. How is that developing?

Fine with your strategy. Just don't call it developing kids.

Re: 05 EHF Playoffs

Ok I'm confused. Who is "you've"

Re: 05 EHF Playoffs

It's a conjunction of the word "you" and "have" ...hope that helps.

Re: 05 EHF Playoffs

Best thing the EHF could do is go to a 2 year contract system. Would make coaches due a lot more due diligence about a player and be better for development. Would be better for kids.

Re: 05 EHF Playoffs

Ehf plays musical chairs with players with the hopes of building the "super team". Some players develop on their own some not as much, but ehf teams are always looking to bs and steal players from other teams, ehf does not develop players, never did, never will. A middle of the depth chart ehf elite team will never last.