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Re: Goalie Development

My son's coach does a great job with the goalies. Most skills sessions have a goalie coach instructing and weekly sessions with GDS. Can't miss with them or Stop it. Bertagna is good too ( especially with Mike M)

Re: Goalie Development

None of the programs do enough for goalies. Been with a number of them and the goalie is basically there to stop shots during practice with no additional help. My advice, find a team that gives a discount for goalies and put the money into Stop It, etc. for actual training. Also, try all the goalie coaches. Depending on the kid, they will click with one coach over another. And once you find that coach, stick with them, but always try something new once in a while to switch it up. For example, do a regular weekly program with Stop It and then do a camp with another coach. That way you can get a second opinion and set of skills which the goalie can then incorporate into his own style. Just a thought.