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Re: Lovell Knights

I know over the years of attending various tryouts I would go and watch and wonder where all of the players were, where were all of the good players? I'd sit there and quietly do my math about only 9-10 defensemen...14-15 forwards and where will they cut.... And then when the team rolls out onto the ice for the first practice there are a bunch of kids I had never seen before! I think if spots are taken the kids don't have to show-up at try-outs for many organizations or after the try-outs the coaches make phone calls and find kids that didn't make top-end programs and they come down...or some come up.

So all I'm saying is, try-outs can be misleading.

Re: Lovell Knights

It's a 3X factor. You should always have three times a number of planes at tryouts then you can take on the team.