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Re: Top Gun is a Joke

Being "devoted" to developing players is great and all but no player is going to develop if they're not being properly coached. Not gonna happen. My kids team played against Top Gun all season and we just completely out played them despite them having some good skaters on the ice.

Absolutely 100% correct

Re: Top Gun is a Joke

Idiot Jeopardy
This program is the door mat of the EHF where every other team comes to wipe it dirty feet...

What is Top Gun?

Ill take Top Gunt for $500 Alex...

Re: Top Gun is a Joke

I am suing them. My kid plays for the kings and their horror show is making him worse every time he plays against them. Plus, having to look at the one tooth fat New Hampshire people is causing him psychological damage.

In all seriousness every time we play them it’s like this. Drive to New Hampshire, kick the crap out of the bunch of town n players, grab a slice of pizza and a beer at rink, drive home. Never any talk about “good game“.